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Global Commodities Today, (GCT)  with our direct Buyer can purchase from you all your Gold Bullion in two ways:

  • Gold Bullion that is GLD compliant with Full Bank Responsibility.
  • Gold Bullion that is off market not GLD, and no bank guarantee, we (Buyers) block funds for sellers, then seller sends to any LMBA refinery the AU and after assay, funds released.  If you agree to these terms we can purchase all you have.

"We" are now willing to "proof - up "first- via a "bank to bank" call. That is right, our Banker will confirm our financial capability, up-front, giving Sellers complete peace of mind. Then we are happy to allow Sellers whatever time they require to organize a simple Bank Letter confirming that their gold assets are sold under FULL BANK RESPONSIBILITY.  (If your gold is not bull bank responsibility guaranteed, we will block funds for you until after assay at LMBA refinery) 

It doesn't get much more "Seller friendly" than that! And, of course because we are able to tranche up to 200 MT AU per week, our Banker will advise funds of in the region of $11 Billion USD>

If you wish a copy of our updated Buyer Information Package  incorporating the new procedural changes, please contact our company. Otherwise, just go ahead and submit offers of GLD product sold under FULL BANK RESPONSIBILITY. If the transaction meets our purchase requirements, we will move quickly to close the gold purchase.


All our business is done bank to bank with no upfront money paid until all parties verify proof of product and proof of funds and  purchase can be done within a short time frame.. 

For GCT to process the purchase of Gold dore bars we need offers to be include the following aspects:
  • Payment after final assay at buyers refinery
  • Payment by DLC paid to seller after assay
  • FCO submitted to us, we deal directly with sellers or Verified mandates
We are ready to begin the purchase process,  If you are selling from GHANA gold dore bars, we will purchase if you agree to sell through the local PMMC organization in Ghana.  We are looking for long term relationships send us your offer with these basics and we will close with you.  



The procedures listed here are specific as to what was issued by the FED and the World Gold Council on June 6th, as what are required by law now to be followed on all GLD Gold Bullion AU transactions.

The specific guidelines as set forth by these two agencies exactly as required now to do AU Gold Bullion seller/buyer transactions and you will probably want to keep a copy of this for your records, as it is the only legal way of doing these transactions now.

At the stage of Bank Officer to Bank Officer it can also be set up as a Table Top Meeting at the bank if the seller and buyer wish, or a ledger to ledger inter-bank contract transaction Bank Officer to Bank Officer.



1. The Gold Bullion Seller or his Mandate issues a full corporate offer. All AU Gold BUllion metal offers must show the Gold Bullion Seller’s coordinates clearly. 

2. Only the seller or his legal Gold Bullion mandates may issue an AU offer and if it is the mandate issuing it, it must be accompanied by the letter evidencing the receipt of mandate authorization from the seller. 

3. All offers received from non-authorized intermediaries will be automatically rejected.

4. The International Precious Metals Legislation does not allow buyers to first send a letter of Purchase Intent (LOI) because it is considered soliciting and is strictly forbidden

5. Seller or Gold BUllion seller’s mandate must move first with an offer which should include metal license details and banking. 

6. The Buyer/Buyer’s Mandate submits a Letter of Intent and/or RWA (Ready, Willing and Able) with full banking coordinates and permission to do a soft probe.

7. The Seller/Seller’s Mandate and Buyer/Buyer’s Mandate exchange signed and sealed contract with full banking coordinates.

8. Seller/Seller’s Mandate extends an invitation for the Buyer’s bullion officer to contact the Seller’s Bullion officer. 

9. The Buyer/Buyer’s Mandate accepts the invitation of the Seller’s bullion officer.

10. The Buyer’s bullion officer initiates the contact with the Seller’s bullion officer by KTT. 

11. The Seller’s bullion officer will be instructed by the Seller to verify the AU metal, the quantity available, and to disclose any/all liens and encumbrances attached to the metal.

12. Upon receipt of the proof of existence of the Au metal and the certificate of authority to sell, the Buyer will instruct his bullion officer to confirm the availability of funds to be used as payment when the gold is delivered.

13. The Buyer and the Seller agree on a window time for exchange. The payment to the Seller will be disbursed within 24 hours against the transfer of ownership of the metal. Commissions will be paid immediately and without delay to each appointed paymaster.

14. The paymaster will likewise pay to the intermediaries their earned commission.


Under the new guidelines recently set forth by the Federal Reserve for GLD metal it is required by the bank officers to do standard FED compliance on the metal and the seller / beneficial owners of the metal on a bank to bank basis before any contracts can be signed. 

Anything outside of a strict Swiss procedure of POP with Sellers client info sheet and passport is now ILLEGAL to even attempt to transact. The seller, if they are legitimate, must be ready willing and able to abide by the law


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